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The rural town of Renswoude lies in the middle of the Food Valley region. This is an area with a history of poultry and in the centre of this region lies the establishment of the family business Van Gent Laying nests for over forty-five years.

Van Gent Laying nests is active in the breeding sector and in the laying sector. For the national and international poultry industry we produce and sell animal friendly, modular laying nests and flooring (slatted and plastic) for poultry. This is a business that Van Gent can relate to thoroughly, is it about layers, layer breeders or broiler breeders.

Years of experience

A half century of experience put into the newest generation of automatic laying nests has delivered visual results. The housing system of Van Gent give in the daily practice worldwide the best results.

For the poultry industry the Van Gent laying nests and flooring (hardwood and plastic) are known for its high quality and durability. The products of Van Gent are fully designed with a balance of efficiency in use and promoting the natural behaviour of the birds. This approach ensures that you can visibly relate this in your production results.


Our specialists are ready to assist you to strive for your specific situation to an optimal design of your poultry house. Please feel free to contact us.


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Active worldwide

The laying nests of Van Gent are found in more than 40 countries worldwide.

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