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About us

As a family company we are proud of how we once started and where we are today. In Renswoude, a municipal district in the heart of The Netherlands, the company is established and now serves more than forty countries worldwide.

How it began…

The founders, Teus and Netty van Gent, began breeding chickens in 1968; from there they stepped over to keeping layer breeders.

The entrepreneurship of Teus and Netty soon came in handy, for in 1970, hand-gathering laying nests were made for their own houses. When the feed supplier and breeder visited Renswoude, they were very enthusiastic about the handmade laying nests. Soon requests of several fellow poultry farmers in the Netherlands came in. In 1971 the production and trade in hand-gathering laying nests for layers and layer breeders.


The 1980’s

At Van Gent is the production in full swing. Teus knows from daily practice where the poultry industry has needs because he has his own houses. It provides him with the opportunity to test out modifications and improvements to easily apply in the fabrication.

This results in the course of time that the first type of automatic roll-away laying nest is designed. In 1983 the first house is installed with this new system; it was an instant success.


Innovation in process

Teus van Gent does not leave it at that and the development of the automatic laying nest expands, a new laying nest system is developed. This type is also equipped with an expulsion system. In the early 90s, the forerunner of today’s roll-away laying nest is produced. In subsequent years, the innovations are refined and thus creates the model of laying nests that are still being produced today.


Global success

Not only in the Netherlands, but throughout the world there is interest in Van Gent’s laying nests . It has been recognized that these laying nests deliver the best results.

Van Gent International is established in 1998. This company in Zuidwolde oversees a proportion of the international sales of the products of Van Gent.

In 2003 Van Gent still owns broiler breeders, but then the bird flu breaks out in The Netherlands. Van Gent must make a strategic choice and decides henceforth to focus fully on producing laying nests and slatted floors.

Due to the increasing demand for nests, a larger part of the production process is taken and automated. Van Gent invests in this period in a CNC Saw and CNC Milling machine.


More expansion…

In 2007, an expansion of 4000 m² is added, providing more production capacity. It is now possible to load and unload trucks and containers inside.  There is now more space to ready work orders, and inventory can be increased, thereby enabling that rapid delivery for our clients is always possible.

In 2014, the international sales is taken on entirely by Van Gent. Van Gent products are distributed from the head office through a network of international dealers.


Currently Van Gent delivers nests, hardwood slatted floors and plastic slats in more than forty countries worldwide and has become a renowned name in the field of housing equipment for the poultry sector. With a practical outlook on life, reliability and quality is a matter-of-course at Van Gent. After all, clients have trusted and relied on the expertise of Van Gent for almost 50 years.

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