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Family Salomons from Bergentheim expanded their poultry farm with a new broiler breeder house. The new house measures 76 x 28 meters and adds place to another 15.000 broiler breeders. The emission of ammoniac, smell and dust will be reduced by a bio filter. Those who are interested in the new house were able to visit the farm December 23rd 2015.

The existing houses of the farmer already have an installation of Van Gent laying nests and hardwood slatted flooring. Because of the good practical results in these other houses they chose to have the Van Gent products in the new house as well.

Delivered: 2 rows Standard 40 laying nests with perforated egg belt. Hardwood slats of 1.20×1.00 meters on both sides of the nest with galvanised steel undercarriage. Jump height is 25 cm. A feather machine will take care of the removal of the feathers on top of the egg belt.

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